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Judge Jeanine: Now we know why Hillary used private email

Fox News photo 1 Judge Jeanine: Now we know... Fox News photo 2 Judge Jeanine: Now we know... Fox News photo 3 Judge Jeanine: Now we know... Fox News photo 4 Judge Jeanine: Now we know...

Love it ! I hope the clintons go down in flames and they take Obama with them ! Glad your back judge Pirro !

by Ken freedom is my choice 1 year ago

As long as this is ignored, we can expect no justice in the US.

by Jakob Stagg 7 months ago

She is as corrupt as they come.

by J. Muller 6 months ago

The Clintons = America's leading crime family.

by Peter 6 months ago

NOTE this is nearly four YEARS old... --and the thieves and assassins have not been hung yet

by Jon Dough 6 months ago

People don’t like Donald Trump because he’s exposing and messing with their Crooked financial gains

by Ronny Carney 2 years ago

Just like Shummer should have been arrested immediately for threatening Supreme Court Justices

by Bend Me Shape Me 6 months ago

She was selling America OUT !!!!
She knew she wasn’t going to jail, she is above the LAW !!!!

by Teresa Kelley 6 months ago

There's a whole bunch of these players that need to be locked up.

by Vic Cook 6 months ago

Imagine what state the country would be in, if Hillary had won the election. Horrors!

by Trixie Trueblood 6 months ago

I don't understand why Hillary is not in Federal Prison already

by Hashmaster General 1 year ago

And she still walks free, thanks to a corrupt Justice Department.

by Ry W 6 months ago

I don't know why they haven't been hung or shot for high treason. They're the real Russian agents.. selling us out to Russia one scheme after another.

by Matthew E Adcock 6 months ago

If the Corona virus messed with Hillary, it would probably be dead by now.

by Robert Romeo 6 months ago

Three years later and the Clinton’s haven’t been charged with anything

by Mt man 1949 6 months ago

Why aren"t Bill and Hillary's Taxes being audited, along with their famous Clinton Foundation?

by Janet Burgess 1 year ago

Freeze all “Clinton Foundation” assets! Just think, we’re paying the secret service to insulate this crook from prosecution.🤔

by John Nash 7 months ago

This video is four years old and still relevant. Many haven't heard this information before. Now Hillary is required to give a deposition about her emails thanks to the hard work of Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch. Maybe with new AG Bill Barr, Americans will finally get justice

by selective outrage 6 months ago

Her and Bill sell anything for the right price , and Huma is selling out the country while helping them ! How are those three not in prison ? Or better yet dead ?

by adam gould 6 months ago

God bless Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch. They're nipping at the Clinton's heels.

by SsgKevin USA Ret 6 months ago

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