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Chase Rice Addresses Concert During COVID-19

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After Chase Rice explained how he will do things differently at future concerts following backlash to his first one during COVID-19, Graeme O'Neil, Keshia Chante, and guest co-host JoJo Mason react during "ET Canada Live".
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I guess they love him to death and don't mind bringing that death home to their parents and grandparents🙄

by Therese Nydahl 1 months ago

Do all these people need to have someone they love get the virus to see how serious Covid-19 is? Sometimes I am wishing this virus attacks idiots and not the immune compromise.

by Roxana 1 months ago

"People have different opinions" 🙄 the fact the virus can spread in a large crowd is not an opinion

by Miss 1 months ago

Who the hell does this guy think he is? "Everyone had a blast!" I bet they did. Notice how he panders to those country folk with his intentional poor diction.

by TODD JACKSON 1 months ago

Loser. He didn't have any career of note before this. Now he'd better be happy with his current fans, because the only new ones he gets from now on are lunatics.

by WileyCoyote69 1 months ago

If I’m selling crack, can my supporters defend me and say it’s not my fault so many people came and bought crack?

by Luist Triolet 1 months ago

I do hope people understand that even being in your vehicles doesn't make it safe. There was a graduation they did in that way and everyone caught covid.

by Lazy Lacy 1 months ago

Dude you just wanted the money and adoration that you have been missing for a while b/c you were bored in lockdown.

by Sammy Ytube 1 months ago

It's not his fault. They chose not to wear the mask

by Heather Coram 1 months ago

He set himself up for a massive lawsuit when people start testing positive for covid-19. His career is over if god forbids anyone dies.

by Hoang Nguyen 1 months ago

Your biggest thing is “us” and the money you pocket from “us.” Not me, I hate country music anyway.

by Luist Triolet 1 months ago

That’s why I said he didn’t even said I’m sorry and yeah you’re my priority right what a bs

by Diana Melissa 3 weeks ago

Now this European travel ban for ppl in Americe makes sense. This Trump rally, protests against masks of, et's be real: brain dead, Trump this concert in a closed building packed with sweating ppl. I'm (an African German) in Europe and saw a few hours ago kids on bikes wearing masks and this is how responsibility plus respect for ppl right next to you looks like. I feel bad for embarrassed countrymen plus my sister in the US but I give Chase's concert a thing: he killed it.

by Arsene Wenga 1 months ago

The only thing more idiotic than this guy are the people who paid to see him.

by 이낸시 1 months ago

He could have done a free video show on YouTube or something. He wanted that money! Stfu! I saw 2 cool concerts on social media and they were 100 % free to watch. One was even filmed with a 3D camera so I really felt like I was there! Thanks, JoJo! Concert was so fun! And I’m safe!

by Luist Triolet 1 months ago

Looks like a blast 😁

by javi ruiz 1 months ago


by Robert Corona 1 months ago

How desperate is this guy?? And to the people attending this "concert," you can't be that desperate. Or are you??

by Linda Williams 1 months ago

JOJO <— if waffling on the issue was a person. You don’t have to be politically correct, to appease the ‘master’, I mean the masses. If you don’t agree, say it mean it. And we are all musicians, but we are to be responsible citizens first. Playing a show isn’t that important, compared to lives and safety 👍

by Kendra 1 months ago

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