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‘Ken And Karen’: Viral Video Of St, Louis Couple With Guns At Protesters

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A St. Louis couple is receiving major backlash after being caught on video pointing there guns at protestors. According to Insider, hundred of protestors were marching to Mayor Lyda Krewson' s house when protestors reached the property of Mark and Patricia McCloskey, two personal-injury lawyers. The couple came outside to confront the protestors, with Marc armed with what appeared to be a semiautomatic rifle with an extended magazine. Meanwhile, Patricia grasped what looked like a small handgun. Whil

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Entertainment News Bytes Network photo 1 ‘Ken And Karen’: Viral Video... Entertainment News Bytes Network photo 2 ‘Ken And Karen’: Viral Video... Entertainment News Bytes Network photo 3 ‘Ken And Karen’: Viral Video... Entertainment News Bytes Network photo 4 ‘Ken And Karen’: Viral Video...

Come on people, you can't be that dumb. The question here is whether or not the person putting this video together knows the law...lol. Anyone in America who fears harm to their person or property can point a gun with the intention to use it in defense of their person or property...it's called the second amendment. What is UNLAWFUL is protesters (rioters) damaging, entering, and /or trespassing on private property.

by Sugar Angel 1 months ago

'Ken' and 'Karen' are true heroes!

by Murad Wessel 1 months ago

Lies they got massive support for how they used their guns. they got backlash because they pandered to BLM afterwards.

by Michael Mantion 1 months ago

The news media in the USA is basically asking as a shill for Black Lives Matter, which is a godless organization with a corrupt ideology supporting homosexuality, transgenderism, abortion, and promoting violence against American citizens in order to corrupt our society.
These thugs broke down the gate guarding private property and were engaging in trespassing, but the news media is ignoring this fact. And, the activities of BLM protesters over the last few months has NOT been peaceful. They had every reason to fear violence.
Folks, I highly recommend arming yourself legally. BLM is attempting to defund the police so that they can continue their reign of terror over our country. Weak politicians are bending over backwards for them. My guess is that if the election doesn't go their way this year, toward the leftist agenda, they will attempt to overthrow the government using violent means.
I applaud the couple for defending their property. The only issue is that the lady really shouldn't point the gun at someone until she is ready to fire. The couple said there were arms in the crowd, though, and I wouldn't doubt it because BLM thugs don't play by the rules and are engaging in violence whether they admit it or not. The carnage and wreckage of the past few months proves it.

Realize that our media is leftist and is crafting stories to fit the BLM narrative. Virtually every news story concerning BLM is bent toward this narrative.
Protesters, you are brainwashed thugs. Realize that you are supporting a leftist, Marxist organization that could cause a civil war here.

by Undiluted and Uncensored 1 months ago

Number one, they are trespassing into a gated community which they are legally not allowed in, in the first place. Number two, they broke down the gate to their home, which is also illegal considering property damage, but also trespassing onto more private property. They are protected on all accounts of the law.
And number three, everyone has seen what these race rioters are doing. They have every right to be scared and defend their home with firearms. For those of you who say to call the police instead, these rioters are pushing to abolish the police, and most police are too scared to even act anymore. Calling the police wont do anything. This is absolute fake news. People wont play your little game, people know the truth.

by It's Nikolai 1 months ago

To the people who think their bad let’s start a riot outside of your house and see if you feel safe 👍

by Crow Niffy 3 weeks ago

Ken and Karen are perfectly in the right, they moved into the property illegally, therefore they had full authority to shoot. Luckily people aren’t retarded and stopped the protest for a forger street

by The Wizard Games 1 months ago

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