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I FINALLY ASKED HER *The Highest Road*

Drew Dirksen photo 1 I FINALLY ASKED HER *The... Drew Dirksen photo 2 I FINALLY ASKED HER *The... Drew Dirksen photo 3 I FINALLY ASKED HER *The... Drew Dirksen photo 4 I FINALLY ASKED HER *The...

This makes me so emotional and I’m so grateful to call you mine 💜

by BrittHertz 1 weeks ago

Who else thinks they should get married in 2 or 4 years

👇🏻 if u agree

Edit:omg I never knew that this would blow up thank you all so much.

by Emma Hill 1 weeks ago

The sky divers were prolly like “they weren’t already boyfriend and girlfriend?” Lol

by Kyle Tessier 1 weeks ago

No one talking about how they just randomly kissed each other before “Boyfriend and Girlfriend”

by Double Oh Seven 1 weeks ago

What do u mean "finally gonna ask her to be my girlfriend"
As if she wasn't already!!!!
Anyways ilove u guys as a couple


Let’s go what we’ve allllllll been waitiiiiing for. Highest of the roads

by Aiden Dwyer 1 weeks ago

Britt: guess what guys! Drew is my boyfriend!
¿Marc/kel? in the backround: eww.

by Rex Commander 1 weeks ago

I like how they kissed and he hasn’t asked her out yet

by Cameron Sareh 2 days ago

Is no one gonna talk about how much time he put into planning this
Clearly she is very special to him

by X-Peer-E-Ence YT 1 weeks ago

When I read the title I thought u were going to ask her to marry u. 😂

by Lawson Rowe 1 weeks ago

don’t think i have ever clicked anything this fast

by Charles Galloway 1 weeks ago

Just a question why did they kiss before they went up if he didn’t ask her out yet?

by Lararbeam Is the best 1 weeks ago

I feel like this is gonna be the same thing that Ryan Trahan did with his girlfriend

by Josh Domerese 1 weeks ago

I was waiting for the moment where she says “I thought I already was your girlfriend!”😂

by Reagan’s World 1 weeks ago

drew chill out you haven’t asked that question yet slow down. hhehehe

by Carson Layfield 1 weeks ago

Biggest high road moment in history

by Raseem 1 weeks ago

They were kissing and stuff before so like I didn’t know they wouldn’t be together already🤣🤪


who else cried who else has been waiting for so long and now it finnaly happened🥳🥺😁

by Noah Vlogs 1 weeks ago

Can someone plz tell me why this happened ?
So I already knew that she was gonna say yes but when she said yes I was like WOOOOOOHOOOOO PARTY TIME 🥳, and I was soooo surprised

by Slime Duos 1 weeks ago

has anyone noticed that she didn't care about her friend

by Rocco Quintero 4 days ago

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