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GEELY - The Biggest Car Company You've Never Heard Of | Up To Speed

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Geely is the biggest car company, that you’ve never heard of. Their Chinese badge may be only 30 years old, but in that time, they’ve managed to sell millions of cars, like the Geely Haoqing, and the Geely Borui, win an FIA manufacturer’s cup, and set a lap record at the Nurburgring in the Lynk & Co.'s Lynk 03. But how in the world did they go from making unreliable cars in the 90s to BUYING VOLVO? And what made the founder so mad that he drove a steamroller over an entire lot of cars? Join James Pumphrey as he gets you up to speed, on the largest Chinese car brand you've never heard of.
►Episode Chapters, 00:00 Introduction
05:36 A Crushing Defeat
09:08 Sweden The Deal
10:37 A Lynk To The Future
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Now that James has lost weight the next step is for him to become Hugh Jackman level ripped. Lightning! Lightning lightning!

by Seth Allison 1 month ago

Oh, and Geely own one more small company, maybe you heard of it... LOTUS

by Raltheron 1 month ago

a small village called zhejiang.
Also Zhejiang,: population of 57million

by 宁远 1 month ago

Me: That's different, what kind of car is that?
Guy: It's a Geely Austicious Beauty Leopard
Me: oh I see.

by Jonny Mac 1 month ago

in other words, Volvo now is much happier under Geely rather than under Ford

by Renaldi Saputra 1 month ago

“Donated” his refrigerator company to the communist government?

by Sir Lomax 1 month ago

I live in gothenburg, where Volvo hq is located. I frequently see geelys and lynk&cos beeing test driven. Pretty cool cars to be honest!

by johan petersson 1 month ago

malaysians watching cause suddenly theyre proud of Geely 😂

by BEA57KL 1 month ago

Dude had only 1 person show up to his premiere party, and then drove a steam roller over all 100 cars that he built? That is so freakin’ sad.

by Dr. Z 1 month ago

They bought BTR/ION/DSI gearbox manufacturing in Australia, that made auto for the Maserati 3200 gt
They also own the London taxi company, Lotus, Proton.

by Bruce Pulver 1 month ago

geely is actually pronounced as “g”-lee, not ghee-lee. Geely sounds like ji-li, which means fortune in Mandarin

by Matthew Tan 1 month ago

It's a soft G, and pronounced "Jeely"

by Zeyi He 1 month ago

So he literally did a ROAD ROLLA DA on the cars he was trying to sell.

by John Francis Buhay 1 month ago

Li: cars are just two sofas on four wheels
Me: never have I been so offended by something I 100% agree on

by blaze speed 3 weeks ago

Do an episode of Colin McRae of Up to Speed James Pumphrey, mo powa baby, yo!

by Garin Akbar 01 1 month ago

Bro thank you for giving us a fair, unbiased and entertaining presentation of a Chinese car company.

by driveintherain 1 month ago

And also Li: the largest stakeholder of Daimler(mercedes). Almost 10%. Jesus holy Christ.

by Clifford Wong 1 month ago

"He ghosted him in person"
me: hey, sounds like a recent memory

by Marlon Vanegas 1 month ago

I assume they also making a camouflage outfits called geely suit too. 🤣

by eternia reginleif 1 month ago

You should do an “Up To Speed” episode on the legendary “Gran Turismo” video game series.

by Myles Callaghan 1 month ago

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