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Chesapeake Energy files for bankruptcy, Lemonade IPO soars.

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Here's your quick 10-minute recap of financial news this week.
00:00 - Tesla Valuation
02:03 - Lululemon Acquisition
04:36 - Oil Bankruptcies
06:01 - Palantir Raising $961M
07:16 - Lemonade IPO
Tesla, - Tesla is now the most valuable automotive company in the world by market cap, $224 Billion.
- The stock is up about 25% over the last few days.
Lululemon, - Lululemon acquiring mirror for $500mm.
- Mirror is a digital workout device, normally looks like a mirror by turns into a workout device with classes.
- Mirror costs $1,495 and $39 monthly subscription.
- analysts say Mirror acquisition can generate $700 million in revenue and reach 600,000 subscribers by 2023.
Oil and Gas, - Cheasapeake Energy files for bankruptcy.
- Sanchez Energy emerges out of bankruptcy, renames as Mesquite Energy.
- Seadrill is delisted from the New York Stock Exchange, now trading as a penny stock.
Palantir, - Big data and analytics company founded by Peter Thiel looks to raise $961mm.
- Said to have raised over $3.3b in private capital so far.
Lemonade IPO, - Insurance tech startup, Lemonade had their IPO.
-First day of trading, shares soared 139%, going from $29 per share, to $69 per share.
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Digital Wildcatters photo 1 Chesapeake Energy files for bankruptcy,... Digital Wildcatters photo 2 Chesapeake Energy files for bankruptcy,... Digital Wildcatters photo 3 Chesapeake Energy files for bankruptcy,... Digital Wildcatters photo 4 Chesapeake Energy files for bankruptcy,...

Did you end up buying the oil wells in Oklahoma ?

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