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5 Reasons TO BUY Boeing Stock | BA (Still a Good Buy)

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Last week Boeing stock made some big moves - are we too late or is now the right time to buy BA Boeing stock?
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I believe that long term Boeing should be a good stock and their price is still well down from its highs
So today I go over my thoughts on what I like about Boeing's long term prospects
Just my thoughts and opinions
Let's do this...Dansplained style!
New video on Boeing Stock - A more in depth look: https://youtu.be/_RvK_hnJ3hU
Disclaimer, The information in this video is general information only and should not be taken as constituting professional advice.
I am not a financial adviser and you should seek independent, licensed, financial advice to make sure the actions you plan to take suit your individual circumstances.
I am not responsible for the financial decisions that you make, only you are

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Dansplained photo 1 5 Reasons TO BUY Boeing... Dansplained photo 2 5 Reasons TO BUY Boeing... Dansplained photo 3 5 Reasons TO BUY Boeing... Dansplained photo 4 5 Reasons TO BUY Boeing...

New video about Boeing Stock: A look at the positives AND negatives to help you decide if it is a stock for you!

by Dansplained 4 months ago

Great video! Thanks for sharing

by Max Hertan 4 months ago

33 years Boeing, retired 1 year. I know what are explaining. You are pretty much on the last two I watched. Listen to you to pick up any new facts. Thanks

by Rachid Ali 2 months ago

Always learn so much from this channel. Btw, youโ€™re a complete nutter Dan ๐Ÿค“ Love it ๐Ÿค—

by Nikki Goldman 4 months ago

I'm so happy I have found your channel! I have been eyeing Boeing for a while now- Thanks for providing some clariy!

by KimmyDTV 4 months ago

Thank you for doing all the research!

by Kylie Iva 4 months ago

What do you think? Is Boeing a buy?โœˆ๐Ÿ“ˆ

by Dansplained 4 months ago

Hey Dan, thanks for the video. Subscribed with that bell button. Keep it coming!!!

by Irshu LX 4 months ago

Awesome video. Haven't heard bug off their back, but I like it

by Harrison Yardney 4 months ago

Boeing's stock has rallied significantly in large part due to relief that the company will remain solvent in the near term.

by Clayton Moore 1 month ago

loving the puns and the animations and also grate infomation keep up the grate addvice

by Kristian Couzins 4 months ago

Buy OPES!!!
BurgerFi acquisition excellent consumers report

by Loc Pham 4 months ago

I appreciate your video man ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช

by mr jesus yoshi1 3 months ago

Thanks For Video . Very good content . I am aiming for the long term profit from Boeing. Boeing seems promising . Have u invested in it? If so how many shares ? Thanks

by C 4 months ago

$DFEN is an ETF that gets you a piece of the action..

by Enoch Lion 4 months ago

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