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Chase Rice Reacts To Concert Criticism, Vows To Continue Performing

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Chase Rice has received quite a bit of criticism for his first concert back since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Chase Rice has not only been under fire by Music fans, but also fellow Country Artists. Kelsea Ballerini, Mickey Guyton, and Jason Isbell have all fired back at Chase Rice. Chase Rice has now responded to the backlash and enlightened fans on what the future will look like..
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So people don't have a problem with hundreds and thousands gathering to "protest" and riot with no masks on but their going to give Chase hell for having a concert?! SMH...🙄

by The Life Of Nikki Marie 1 month ago

Maybe he should've just called it a protest... no one would've said a thing.

by Small Bird 1 month ago

We gotta get back to our normal way of life. It's left up to us to take precautions . It is not his fault that they didn't wear mask. Temps were taken . He didn't make anyone to go. People know where they want to go and do what they want to. Covid 19 is serious but we cannot let fear take us over. Just take precautions that's all you gotta do. People go to supermarkets and never follow the rules . I do wear my gear.. Safety starts with the people and doing what they need to do. Chase is only trying to give us a normal life back instead of living in fear and having no life

by Debbie Smitherman 1 month ago

Love Chase Rice!!! Music is a great healer of the mind, body and soul! Thanks Chase!

by Lisa Leathers 1 month ago

I Love Chase Rice. Forget the Commie demonrats

by Thomas Smith 1 month ago

Everyone is grown make grown up decisions. You can't stop living.

by April Mundy 1 month ago

Love ya Chase! First saw ya in Maine, where ya signed my hat and brought a beautiful young lady on stage that night to sing to her! Keep it up! Love ya'll

by Anna Kennedy 1 month ago

I'm proud of you RICE love you always ❤🇺🇸🎶🎶🎶🎶

by Misty Dobbins 4 weeks ago

Never heard of any of these people..

by Starr Rivers 1 month ago

Coming from a family of stage hands and backstage crew, it's nice to see some performers willing to keep playing. In the DC area everyone has been out of work since mid March. Shows are postponed or cancelled til spring 2021 We need concerts and theatres to start going as soon as possible, but as safely as possible.

by Shari Blackburn 1 month ago

China virus got everybody , almost , running like sheep led to the slaughter

by _CountryFan06 _ 3 weeks ago

Thank buddy for keeping us up and thanks Chase good job bro

by Todd Clark 1 month ago

All protocols were followed. Haters gonna hate. Covid 19 will disappear after November. Government drama.

by Seth Alexander 1 month ago

There are no laws regarding wearing masks. It's recommended you do so. Not everyone can wear one because of health issues. Don't judge others, you have no idea why they wear a mask or why they don't wear a mask.

by Donna Clanagan 1 month ago

The state of Tennessee is not under a mask rule. The masks are recommended not required so big deal! The more we comply with this crap, the more they will force on us. It's all a test to see how far they can push us. One step closer to communism.

by Hillori Sartin 1 month ago

Protocols were followed, fans responsible for themselves,,COMMON SENSE !!

by Jim Guarino 1 month ago

Some people are just idiots. 😷

by KellyGirl83 1 month ago

There should be live shows for the Country Music stars this virus is not bad at all everyone is over reacting I do not like the health department

by Lane The Man Verran 1 month ago

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