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Did We Just Detect Life on Venus?

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The announcement of the detection of a possible biomarker in the atmosphere of Venus has shook up the field of astrobiology and grabbed headlines across the world. Today, we explore why Venus could plausibly host life, how this detection was made, and whether it really means that we've finally found extraterrestrial life. Written and presented by Prof Kipping, featuring guest Dr Caleb Scharf.
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"Why not just go to Venus and scoop up a bit of the cloud and look at it"
Imagine saying that 1000 or 2000 years ago. We have truly come so far.

by Alexander Grothendieck 13 hours ago

Life on Venus: “God damn it, they found us”.

by RODD -: 14 hours ago

NASA actually had a concept for going to Venus called the High Altitude Venus Operational Concept or HAVOC. You can just change Concept to Craft if you do it. The idea was a blimp that floats in the clouds of Venus where a pair of scientist can do experiments and make observation before climbing into a rocket in the back, dropping down and then launching back into orbit. Eventually this would lead to an idea of a cloud city. Isaac Arthur has an episode about that too Colonizing Venus. Personal, I hope this discover gets more people interested in Venus and maybe even get people interested in going to Venus.

by M P 13 hours ago

Even considering that I was fired from my job today, this news about the possibility of life on Venus is by far much more exciting than the other news that I became today. Some decades ago I read about a mysterious "absorber" in the clouds of Venus (sorry I don't have the references any more, it was in some old book about the planet, perhaps a book from the 60th years). When we gaze at the planet in ultraviolet light we see certain patches of dark in the clouds of Venus, indicating the presence of some unknown absorber to UV-light in the clouds. Could the phosphine be related to this weird UV-absorber? Or are they both indications of life? Since I read these speculations about the mysterious UV-absorber I never gave up the idea of someday discover life on Venus.

by Silvio Francisco 14 hours ago

As someone on Twitter said: It's either life or new chemistry. Either way, it is exciting!

by Lionel L. 13 hours ago

Wow !!! Imagine, if there is life on two planets in our system, then it is probably everywhere. Let's go to Venus, confirm it and then combine all our human efforts, forget all of our differences and do whatever we can, just to discover the next evolutionary step, somewhere out there, multi cellular life. There are waiting still so many surprises for us humans, if we can make it through our "dark age" and survive the nuklear and industrial threats.

by Kiaorafranz 10 hours ago

• When I saw a headline on my phone today “Signs of Alien Life detected on Venus” — I was (am) ecstatic!
• That said, I’m surprised temporary news stories about what Trump said or Brexit or COVID, seem to take precedence of this AMAZING discovery.
• This is wonderful news. Needs more attention! Where are these Microbes from? Did they come from Earth some how? Did they evolve on Mars? Or did we, and them come from, ‘elsewhere’? Either answer will be AMAZING.

by Mark Stevenson 10 hours ago

I, for one, welcome our Venusian Acidophile overlords.

by Rickey Bowers 13 hours ago

“Life on Venus” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it does it Bowie

by windowboy 1 hour ago

I want to dedicate my whole life in understanding the astrophysics cosmos as much as possible although i won't make a living outta it just my hobby but a mandatory hobby ❤️

by Aniket B 14 hours ago

Humans: *think life exists on mars*

Venus: I'm about to do what's called a pro gamer move

by NezuKamado 14 hours ago

For me, the coolest part of science is when you find something that needs more answers. Something this exciting, as you said, kickstarts massive interest and further experimentation due to the human drive - TO KNOW- what is really going on. This is why science is so exciting to me. The implications of this discovery and further research has the potential to change the way we think about ourself’s, and our place in the universe forever. Just incredible, and I’m excited to see the results future research driven by these findings presents!

by Carrot Survivor 9 hours ago

Haven’t been this excited in years!!

Ps: dude kind of look like price charming from shrek lol 😂

by Big Gator 9 hours ago

No one is talking about how mars looks like a cowboy emoji with no hat on.

by Sandwish 8 hours ago

Venusians : " There's no one here!
Please go away!!"

by AUTONOMEN x 8 hours ago

I knew the 2020 season finale was gonna be aliens.

by Dr. Zoidberg 13 hours ago

At 20 parts per billion, that phosphine concentration is too high to explain through volcanism or other known means. Very exciting discovery!

by Jeffrey A. Smith 9 hours ago

I always thought that venus was once like the earth. Maybe these are the proofs. A good reason to send a probe into the venus atmosphere

by Valentina Anastasia 14 hours ago

Will "rain down" when the relationship is right.

by Goran Lompar 10 hours ago

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