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Comethazine - Derek Jeter (Official Music Video)

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Directed by: James “JMP” Pereira 
Produced by: Jiorgi " LIL SABOTAGE" Garlyn 
PM: Jordan Timms
DP: Mike Koziel
AC: Kevin Pontrelli 
2nd AC: Mike Tursi
Gaffer: Shawn Anderson 
BBG: Glenn McDougald 
Key Grip: Jaan Utno
BBE: Troy Montgomery 
Grip: Leonel Sanchez
Art Dept: Alicia Estelle Simon 
Art Dept Asst: Michael Avina 
Art PA: Davon King 
Casting: Ape Castings
PA: Jennifer Costa
Edit: JMP
Colorist: Gabe Sanchez
VFX Production Co: Dream Bear
VFX Artist: Bradley Crawford
VFX Producer: Evan Brown
Gear: Birns & Sawyer
Production House: JMP VISUALS LLC

#bawskee 3.5 #bawskee 2 #COMETHAZINE PANDEMIC #PANDEMIC #type beat #xxl #tay k #bawskee #hip hop #rap #bawskee gang #derek jeter #yankees #world series

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Comethazine: "Rollin up some stanky I got dookie on my finger"

Odell Beckham: "Aye bruh this heat"

by AllStar 1 month ago

comethazine is the type of guy to hit a deaf person for not listening to him

by quiet kid 1 month ago

Comethazine late for school:

Everyone apologizing for being early

by Jeremy Lopez 1 month ago

Kidz Bop Edition:

Holy life for me because I’ve chosen to believe
Ear—Early to the Zoom, I show up, just me and my teacher
Told my mom I had to miss school, I had a fever
Books above my grade, I’m an accelerated reader
Cussing, skipping class? Nah, I’ll be doing neither
I just want to pass, set the path to my care-er
Zipped up my backpack because I know the thieves lurk
Wanna play freeze tag? Running till my knees hurt

Bought a soda, 2 liter with pizza from Little Caesars
My pet dog was barking too dang loud I had to feed her
Yes, I got all As in quarter 3, I’m an achiever
Wrote my notes so sloppy I got blue ink on my finger
Really made her think about our lord and savior Jesus
She’s at Church right now, I can see her
She finna get baptized now, just let the priest work

by Spectralyte 1 month ago

If he only got the disney magazine when he was 12 he’d never would have been here rn

by Kane Erihe 1 month ago

comethazine the type of guy to protect his bodyguards

by Vlury 1 month ago

comethazine is the only person to tell king von he from 63rd

well...this comment didnt age well...

by yungbootynugget11 1 month ago

Comethazine got pulled over and let the cops off with a warning

by Tom Shelby 1 month ago

If they don’t play this at my funeral I’m not dying.

by FTM Menace 1 month ago

Comethazine doesn't have black air force 1 energy, black air force 1s have his energy

by Applez 1 month ago

He is the type of guy who reads the terms and conditions just to decline them

by kenuel Custodio 1 month ago

They rejected Hitler’s arts, they rejected Comethazine’s audition. History repeats itself.

by Pragyanshu Dhyani 1 month ago

When comethazine was a child his parents slept in his bed when they were scared

by Leo Chames 1 month ago

I just cannot comprehend how he hasn't made a single bad song.

by grapeface 1 month ago

I swear to god if this guy had a nuclear weapon I wouldn't be surprised

by EZRAX 187 1 month ago

Comethazine the type of dude to tell his grandma he isn't hungry

by Krispy 1 month ago

The dookie on comethazine's finger is better than lil mosey's whole career

by Seb 1 month ago

Comethazine the type of guy to slap his baby and it would stop crying.

by Avotic IOS 1 month ago

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