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This analyst has a buy on Boeing and a hold on airline industry

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Colin Scarola, CFRA research, joins 'Power Lunch' to discuss why he has a hold rating on most of the airline stocks.
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In Canada, Covid-19 test are open and free for everyone. That's what you get with universal healthcare.

by Jack Hainings 3 months ago

Same speech given to clients that have shares. Just hold, it will go back up to at least 230, lol!

by M L 3 months ago

Notice the caption on this podcast’s thumbnail. 🤔 or should I use 🤪 or maybe 🙄

by Michael Voy 3 months ago

Where can I get a job as an analyst?

by Michael Voy 3 months ago

Boeing has patents on missile fin designs, missile guidance systems, attack helicopters, plus GE has components that only they make. The government set aside bailout money for Boeing and GE just in case they need it. Boeing has a unique situation with the war machine and aerospace. If the 737 MAX gets approved again then there may be a rally, then with feds printing money, plus a stimulus check, then maybe a vaccine, well then Boeing will have a 300 share price again, but that's so many planets have to align to make this happen.

by Thedoc 88 3 months ago

BOEING: will be a 400+ stock again within 18 months.

by NewarkDevil66 3 months ago

AAL is planning to begin
training pilots on the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in November. This is a
sign that the grounded Boeing 737 MAX aircraft’s return to service is

by tim shimme 1 week ago

Buying BA with $230 target? What a joke!

by Lio Lio 3 months ago

How can we really see what is a really good company to invest if the fed keeps pumping money we can’t really.

by BPabloT Campos 3 months ago

It's time to nationalize the airlines and let all the current airlines go bankrupt.

by Jeffrey Smith 3 months ago

All in on $DFEN baby at these prices

by J Mula 3 months ago

Ha. please sell off your Boeing so I can buy more of it for cheap!
Sell me some at 150 please. the stock will increase greatly by end of
year. this is a major defense company and you can bet that whether
Trump or Biden is president, we will still be at war with several
nations. war is huge profits. why would you think the USA military
would stop killing for even a minute? 93% of USA's short history has
been at war with over different 70 different nations during that time.

by Clayton Moore 1 week ago

Actually. No. I don't think airlines really will recover. They will recover once the cure is found. Then it will be profitable once again to invest.

by Daniel Lopez 3 months ago

Yesss! Boeing is super cheap now at 156!!!! Buy Buy Buy. I just got another 400 shares....so 1200 total. This is easy money when the vaccines come out and people slowly begin getting comfortable flying again. Just hold out for 12 to 18 months and you will be looking at Boeing being at $250 again. Plus war contracts are huge business and profit. Look up the statistics on how much Boeing makes from the US government. They also make parts for other airlines.

by Betty Popovich 1 week ago

Boeing Expands Freighter Conversion Lines As Orders Increase. Do not
forget it is a major player in defense industry and satellites. USA is
a war machine. Profits are huge. Boeing makes bombs, other ammo,
helicopters, Jets, bombers, etc Worth way more than 155 as a stock.
But If those want to sell it off, fine by me, I'll gladly buy it Alllll
up especially knowing that for the past 20 or so years we have been
illegally attacking like 30 different nations. Wow.

by john anderson 1 week ago

I do want to see Goldman Sachs analyst portfolios because I can't trust
them. I want them to go public and show us what stocks they truly
believe in and put their money with their mouth is. As for
Boeing....$ 151 per share seems like another great time to make some
more profit!!!! Global Satellite Remote Sensing Market Top
Manufacturers : Airbus S.A.S (France), Ball Corporation (U.S.), Boeing
(U.S.), Space Exploration Technologies (U.S.), Thales Group (French),
29 analysts agree Boeing is a Buy or Hold. Sales =catalyst and
they are getting sales. Also using new UV technology to sterilize.
Also contract with USA government for decades to supply ammo and Jets.
They own patent for more comfortable seating on planes.

by tim shimme 1 week ago

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