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Chesapeake Energy filed for Bankruptcy! 66th Day of INVESTING in Cashapp !

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Chase Way photo 1 Chesapeake Energy filed for Bankruptcy!... Chase Way photo 2 Chesapeake Energy filed for Bankruptcy!... Chase Way photo 3 Chesapeake Energy filed for Bankruptcy!... Chase Way photo 4 Chesapeake Energy filed for Bankruptcy!...

Guys it keeps giving me an error whenever i try to sell, help

by Luke D 1 months ago

Cashapp wont let me sell the stocks of Cheasapeak it keeps saying failed

by Sean Newman 1 months ago

80% of the money I own was is it I lost quite a bit I have some bad luck

by rocknsoul13 1 months ago

I have 16 shares of Chesapeake lol

by DCCREW TUBE 1 months ago

Anyone trying to sell their Chesapeake Stock they took everyones money. That's why you cant sell it. I lost a lot of money

by Sean Newman 1 months ago

I’m glad I backed out I don’t even see Chesapeake on Cashapp anymore

by FixYaAim 1 months ago

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