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LIVE Stock Market Today - $240B PENSION FUND [Stock Market Live] July 1, 2020

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The manager of one of the country’s biggest pension funds said Wednesday that he wants to be underweight in stocks for the rest of the year because of the massive swing in markets so far in 2020..
Christopher Ailman, the chief investment officer for CalSTRS, said on CNBC’s “Worldwide Exchange” that the first half of 2020 was the most difficult stretch for the market he had ever seen, calling the moves in stocks “utterly absurd.”
“The stock market has really given us a ‘V,’ yet the real economy seems to be in a sloppy ‘U’ or a ‘W’ pattern. So I think expert traders and long-term traders are really baffled by this huge crowd of stay at home traders, day traders and the impact they’ve had on this market,” Ailman said. “There’s no way I can explain the unusual moves of this market.”
Live Stock Market and S&P 500 technical analysis review for Monday, July 1, 2020 - including the most active stocks today..
0:00 Intro, SPY SP500, QQQ record highs
2:00 Fed minutes, news today, Economic data
3:10 Fed timing and vaccine news
4:30 Yield Curve control?
5:45 Economic Calendar preview
6:30 SPY SP500 technical analysis, seasonality chart
8:00 SPY SP500 Massive 5m cup, job numbers effect
9:05 Finviz heat map
9:55 DOCU Docusign, NET Cloudflare stock chart
10:15 WPM Wheaton precious metals, XAU/USD, GDX stock charts
11:00 XOM Exxon, OVV stock charts
11:50 WKHS Workhorse stock chart
12:15 BA Boeing stock chart, Justin's swing trade
13:30 QQQ gap to potential blue skies?
14:00 Bearish news and no reaction to it?
14:30 Justin has a bullish bias right now on SPY SP500
14:50 NIO stock price.
16:00 Did you trade today?
17:10 ARKK Ark innovation stock price
19:00 Patterns and psychology
20:00 GERM ETF stock review
20:50 Short Tech?
21:00 COST Costco stock chart
22:10 What Justin's looking for on his BA trade
23:40 SQ Square technical analysis
24:15 VAPO Vapotherm stock chart
25:30 DGLY Digital Ally stock analysis
26:30 FB Facebook, Blaze Capital algo alerts
28:20 Game time
Daily S&P 500 Technical Analysis and stock market news with a focus on the S&P 500 Index, Dow Jones Industrial Average, Nasdaq, tech stocks, and momentum stocks. We utilize price and volume analysis, fundamental analysis and technical analysis. #invest #sp500 #stocks
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by Blaze Capital 1 months ago

This is just a bounce. It is still bearish. Just because we are getting a bounce doesnt change the overall bearish outlook. Sure, Ill ride the wave back up a little. But the big move is gonna be down and its just a week or two away

by Stephen G 1 months ago

10 trades today. 9 were winners

by Stephen G 1 months ago

yesterday I bought broadway financial jumped 80'% and pulled back to support on all july 30ths this ine blows upto 7$doller ranges and started showing big swings

by Gio Fabricio 1 months ago

im in WHKS bought in at 9$ jumped out at 12$ back in at 18$ steal riding it fizz at 62$ riding also idex at 2.03 bagn

by Gio Fabricio 1 months ago

Thank you for another great video... Lots of great stuff as usual !!

by S K 1 months ago

Anyone else just show up for the great content?

by J R 1 months ago

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