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Did Chief Justice Roberts' Pro-Abortion Ruling Saved Republicans' 2020 Election?

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Paul Waldman at The Washington Post says that Chief Justice John Roberts' pro-abortion ruling in June Medical Services v. Russo at the Supreme Court this week may have saved Republicans 2020 election prospects, by muting pro-choice critics and damping their support for an uninspiring candidate named Joe Biden. Is Roberts a political animal, lying in wait for the SCOTUS case that can really take down Roe v. Wade?
Alternate View of Roberts' reasoning on Bill Whittle Now with Scott Ott: https://youtu.be/b1GN0K7Fv58
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Justice Roberts isn't a genius, he's an opportunist, and quite a bit liberal... my guess is someone secretly has dirt on him. As such, it doesn't matter what his personal views are. He's compelled to uphold the legal status of murdering unborn (or just-born) children.

by BarefootDrummer 1 week ago

Roberts is a leftist judge appointed by a leftist president both masquerading as conservatives.

by silveravnt 1 week ago

ROFLMAO no the premis is ridiculous, if allowing the murder of babies is what it takes to save the republicans then they should not be saved

by malikail57 1 week ago

Roberts is not a conservative because Bush wasn't one.

by AllAhabNoMoby 1 week ago

John Roberts has been comprised by being on the Epstein’s flight list!!! He’s dirty!!🤢

by Soraya Smile 1 week ago

"Did Chief Justice Roberts' Pro-Abortion Ruling save Republican 2020 election?"

No. Things like this don't swing people.

5 Leftist Justices voted for this and every single pro-abortion advocate see 5 Leftist Justices who voted for this and 4 Non-Leftist Justices who voted against. Only reason he dissented in a previous case is because he couldn't actually decide the intended outcome.

by KyrosQuickfist 1 week ago

How sad that dead babies are a bargaining chip, if that is indeed what is going on.

by John N 1 week ago

"Morally adrift" is generous, Bill; many would say "morally bankrupt".

by supplanter 1 week ago

The answer in short is: NO.

All this proves is that we're not going to be able to vote ourselves out of this quagmire. Because even the people who are supposed to be on our side, still side with the enemy.

by Mr E 1 week ago

John Roberts may have "accidentally" did something to help the conservatives but he's really just a spineless flip flopper.

by April city girl to country wife 1 week ago

I suppose the notion of just reading the Constitution is just not a thing?

by GamerFromJump 1 week ago

I feel constrained to say, there were many time in the OT when God levied stiff penalties against Judah and Israel because instead of seeking God to help in a situation they went to a foreign king and bought an army and its weapons. The GOP needs Gods help more than J. Roberts aid!!

by Frederick Wise 1 week ago

lol... Yeah... "In order for us to win, we can't ever actually do anything meaningful."

This...would be why I'm not a Republican.

by John Babylon 1 week ago

A man always does what is right, even when it’s uncomfortable or inconvenient. If standing up for truth and justice potentially hurts Trumps re-election than so be it.

by JesusSaves 1 week ago

That should read did he accidentally save the republican party

by Richard Smith 1 week ago

I wonder how Roberts will frame his argument, when he sides with the GInsburg wing and revverses Heller/MacDonald; essentially rendering the 2nd Amendment a dead letter. As things stand, the best I feel I can hope for is that he will refuse to hear cases that would vacate those decisions.
This people, is what's at stake, come November. Vote accordingly.

by P7 2017 1 week ago

This should have been titled "Cope: The Video"

by xx xx 1 week ago

John Roberts is a Trotskyite neocon traitor.

by Joe Bauers 1 week ago

The duty of Chief Justice John Roberts and the other Justices is simple. It’s to faithfully apply the U.S. Constitution to the facts of the case before them. Elections, politics, the desire for consensus, etc. should not be a consideration at all.

by Dan Nunley 1 week ago

Actually, I think that the dead Bernie was far livelier than Biden is

by stenka rasin 1 week ago

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