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How You Become MEME Gold Overnight - Saint Louis Lawyers

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Mark and Patricia McCloskey, residents of the Central West End neighborhood in Saint Louis repel trespassers with firearms. And overnight they have become the new vein for Meme Gold miners everywhere..
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An American Homestead photo 1 How You Become MEME Gold... An American Homestead photo 2 How You Become MEME Gold... An American Homestead photo 3 How You Become MEME Gold... An American Homestead photo 4 How You Become MEME Gold...

Pat and Mark defended me, when no other lawyer would. They are hard working, good people. I believr a politician targeted them. She used to chop wood for fun.

by Tessla 1 month ago

America is getting sick of this crap. Its past time to stand up to the left.

by J0e Biden 1 month ago

Just wait until these rioters run into a group of "good ole boys" with nothing to lose. Game over

by QWERTY 1 month ago

I bet they're not voting for Biden in November, even if they are "Democrats."

by Spike Flea 1 month ago

Proud of them !!! Stand your ground and protect yourself and your property that is your God-given right !!

by Mary E 1 month ago

It's time to stand up and defend ourselves, our constitution and this beautiful country! Stand up people!!!

by WinsomeWinslet 1 month ago

Too many people are accepting the rioters actions.
They need to get used to us protecting our property & rights.

by KaleidoscopeJunkie 1 month ago

This is why we need to protect the 2nd amendment. Right on!

by Mrs Pleasants 1 month ago

Thumbs up - for these two people protecting themselves and their property. BLM and Antifa aren't protesters. They're domestic terrorists.
Government officials have shown and stated that they will not protect innocent people from these domestic terrorist mobs.
So the people will protect themselves, by any means necessary.

by Ken Brun 1 month ago

Hold up... lefties, STAY in the cities. Everyone else is welcome to come to the sticks.

by J0e Biden 1 month ago

That one meme of "ken" next to the asians is a "roof korean" reference from the LA riots

by D N Rowe 1 month ago

18- They are darkened in their understanding and separated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them due to the hardening of their hearts.

by Cat’s Crib 1 month ago

He is one of the ppl called “rooftop Koreans”. During the la riots, Korean business owners went to the rooftops of businesses with rifles to protect them. Most, if not all, went untouched. They are American treasures and heroes (imo).

by Tara Wriste 1 month ago

I bet that by the end of next week, that house has a second AR, and a half dozen drum magazines....

The Second Amendment is Alive, hopefully it gets “well” soon.... it will be an uphill battle with Roberts and Kavanaugh apparently not understanding the Constitution...

by Rick Sanchez C137 1 month ago

I heard the mob was threatening to kill their dog and destroy their house. Good for them defending themselves! My husband probably wouldn’t have had so much restraint!

by April G 1 month ago

If it's a valid 911 call to report a PROWLER on your property to get some help (and it IS), then it sure as hell is totally valid to bring your firearm when faced with a MOB of lunatics who have cruel intentions.

100% the pair with the restored mansion hires a security force for the summer & fall.

by Dorothee P. 1 month ago

We live 20 miles from our city, and have already had an incident that has prompted us to have a neighborhood meeting...planning it now. No one will protect you but YOU.

by Lisa D. 1 month ago

1. Brandishing
2. "Demonstrators" forced the gates to their posh neighborhood
Classic lyin' Liberals

by loganv0410 1 month ago

Long live the Pew Pew Brigade ... My town has about 1800 population ... Saturday there was a noisey demonstration at one of the two stop lights ... One tried to step into traffic ... A truck started rolling coal ... Demonstrator moved rather quickly ... Darn it ...

by James Witte 1 month ago

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