Summer Security

Summer Security

Nottinghamshire Police are running a summer security campaign, and they have lots of great tips which you can download.

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With the warmer weather it’s easy to forget about home security, but traditionally the summer months mean an increase in burglary.

By following some simple steps you can help to protect your home and belongings and still make the most of the summer.


At home

  • If you’re in your back garden make sure you keep doors and windows secure. Ensure that if you have a barbecue in your back garden that all windows and doors at the front of the house are locked
  • Use strong locks on all external doors and easy to reach windows – such as those on the ground floor, above flat roofs or near drainpipes
  • Don’t hang keys where they could easily be reached through a letterbox or window and never leave them on a sideboard where they are visible
  • Keep valuable items away from windows where they could be seen by passers-by. This includes home computers and television sets
  • Never leave garden equipment unattended, even for short periods of time

Garages and sheds

  • Try to keep your garage door open only for as long as is necessary. If thieves can see there is something worth stealing from a garage they could come back later and break in
  • As with items in your home, valuables stored in either a shed or a garage should be marked with your postcode and house number so if they are stolen and recovered you can be traced and reunited with your property
  • Large expensive equipment, like lawn mowers, should be fastened to something bulky. Alternatively, fit anchor posts attached to the floor to provide a fixed point for locking your belongings to


  • Don’t leave windows and roofs open on vehicles while they are unattended
  • When leaving your vehicle make sure there is nothing on show
  • If you have a satellite navigation (SatNav) system in your car remove it when you leave your vehicle and wipe away sucker marks from your windscreen

Before going on holiday

  • If you’re going on holiday use timer switches on radios and lamps to give the impression the property is occupied
  • Don’t make any significant changes to the exterior of your property. For example, if you never shut your gate when you’re at home, don’t shut it when you go away.
  • Make an arrangement with a trusted friend or neighbour to check on your home while you’re away
  • Look at your home through the eyes of a burglar. If you can get into your house without keys then so can a burglar