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Our two main consultation forums are the Recovery Forum, which started in 2004 and the Dual Diagnosis Forum, which started in 2007. Both offer an opportunity for current and former drug users, whether they are in treatment or not to have their say in the strategic decision making processes of the commissioning bodies locally. Their aim is to improve local service provision and to be a two way channel for information. Since 2012 an independent user led forum has been set up for patients in Shared Care, called SCUF. In April 2013 SCUF stopped being responsible for shared care. It has changed its remit and is carrying on its work around campaigning, anti stigma and harm reduction. It is now called Substance Campaigns, User friendly. 


                              **NEW*** Recovery Forum Dates  2014/15                           Drug Forum Restructure

                                 Priority Action Plan 2012-13       **NEW*** Purpose of the Forum 2013-14


                                   **New** Dual Diagnosis Forum Dates 2014/15                    Terms of reference 2012




A campaigning service user group for anyone in drug or alcohol treatment in Nottingham City

Anti Stigma and harm reduction campaigns

Creative art and writing


Campaigning in the community

Informal, user led group

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*The plural of forum is fora but noone ever knows what that means so we use "forums"!