Substance misuse and reoffending reduction management

The role of the team is to:

  • Manage the commissioning process.
  • Performance manage service providers.
  • Work with services to bring about changes in behaviours of those accessing or in need of treatment, in order to reduce crime and anti social behaviour and associated health and social effects
  • To work with associate commissioners to ensure that crime and antisocial behaviour reduction is a priority outcome.
  • To coordinate partnership resources to manage offenders and ensure that the impact on the citizens of Nottingham is reduced.

Drug and Alcohol Services in Nottingham A5 poster here

Christmas , New Year and transisition leaflet 2012


Adult Drug Treatment Needs Assessment

Community Adult Drug Treatment Plan 2011-12

Community Adult Drug Treatment Plan 2012-13

Integrated Drug Treatment System (Prisons) 2011-12

Integrated Drug Treatment System (Prisons) 2012-13

Young People's Substance Misuse Treatment 2012-13