Domestic and Sexual Violence

Nottingham Women's Aid 24 hour free phone help line 0808 800 0340 and 0341 text phone with language line for help and support on domestic violence for survivors and agencies working with survivors.

The Crime and Drugs Partnership Domestic Violence Strategy and Action plan can be found in the Library of Equation, alongside other partner´s strategies and policies on domestic violence.

The Equation website is the local website for domestic violence including help and information to survivors and their children and research, policy, good practice guidance and local and national news (including training) for staff and agencies working with survivors, children and perpetrators.

The aim of the Nottinghamshire Domestic Violence Strategy is to develop consistent and effective multi agency working to tackle domestic violence and provide high quality services to make Nottingham a place where people want to live and work.

Domestic violence is deeply embedded in our culture and is one of the most prevalent and damaging crimes, accounting for 25% of all violent crime. This is the second highest form of violent crime in Nottingham after alcohol related crime. 

Domestic Violence does not respect race, geography, social background, or other similar factors. It is a volume crime, affecting one in four women and one in six men in their lifetimes, with women suffering higher rates of repeat victimisation and serious injury. 

Domestic violence covers offences ranging from common assault to rape and murder as well as the equally harmful ´non crimes´ such as the on-going emotional, financial and/or psychological abuse, all of which have a huge impact on survivors/victims, their children and the wider community. 

Agencies have a duty to tackle domestic violence and help bring perpetrators to justice, whether directly or indirectly. No one agency can address these issues alone. The Nottingham Domestic Violence Multi-agency Strategy is designed to provide clear direction, inform staff and encourage a corporate response. 

Domestic violence in Nottingham impacts financially, socially and individually and the CDP aims to work with individuals, the community and agencies to address domestic violence and to reduce its impact on survivors and their children and the wider population in Nottingham and to hold perpetrators to account.

The strategic lead in the Crime and Drugs Partnership and for Nottingham City Council is Jane Lewis Domestic Violence Strategy Officer please contact Jane on the number opposite or 

There are a number of agency leads on domestic violence and individuals who chair interagency domestic violence groups on a range of topics. For these details please contact Jane Lewis.

For a timeline and narrative of the national and local development of DV policy and practice see the History section here


For help and support regarding Domestic and/or Sexual Violence you can contact a 24 hour free phone help line on 0808 800 0340 and 0341 text phone with Language Line.

This phone line provides, advice and access to refuge for survivors of domestic and sexual violence and abuse and agencies working with survivors / victims and their children.  

The helpline can also provide 24 hour referral to the Sexual Assault Referral Centre for anyone who has been raped or sexually assaulted and to partner agencies for telephone and face to face counselling.  

Contact for information for survivors, children and young people and perpetrators.

For agencies contact Equation to find local and national data, research, policies and procedures, including the Domestic Abuse Stalking and Harassment (DASH) form for referral to the Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) in the webpage library.

Contact Equation for training on domestic and sexual violence and abuse and related topics.  

For further information please contact or by telephone 0115 8765719 0115 8765702

For information about domestic and sexual violence and abuse in Nottinghamshire please contact

For data on domestic and sexual violence in Nottingham see the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment or for the Crime and Drugs Partnership domestic and sexual violence needs assessment see