Needle exchange services

Injecting drugs is highly dangerous and can lead to a number of complications, such as the transmission of blood borne viruses, over dose, damage to veins and injecting sites, bacterial infection, abscesses and increased risk of deep veined thrombosis.

Visit your local needle exchange service for safer injecting advice and to access a range of sterile injecting equipment.

Needle exchange services

A number of needle exchange services exist across the City. A specialist needle exchange service is provided at the Health Shop, at 15 Broad Street, Hockley. The Health Shop is a specialist harm reduction and sexual health service offering a wide range of injecting equipment and foil. They can provide support with safer injecting techniques and offer harm reduction advice.
As part of Nottingham Recovery Network they can provide support accessing drug treatment. They also have a specialist Image and Performance Enhancing Drug service for drugs such as Anabolic Steroids, Melanotan and Growth Hormone which includes specific tests including Liver Function Testing and Cholesterol testing. The Health Shop, as part of Nottingham Recovery Network offers Hepatitis A and B vaccinations, Hepatitis B and C and HIV onward referrals as appropriate.

As The Health Shop includes a sexual health service, they are able to offer screening for Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea and Syphilis for people who do not have symptoms. They also offer the HIV fast test and can take blood via self venepuncture and dried blood spot testing. The Health Shop also provides pregnancy testing and emergency hormonal contraception (morning after pill).

The current opening hours are:

Monday and Tuesday 9-5
Wednesday 2-7 (Needle exchange available at St Peters Church from 11.30-12.30)
Thursday and Friday 9-5
Saturday 9-1
For more information please contact 0115 9055001/

A range of pharmacy Needle exchanges services are also available in the following areas:

Boots, Mary Potter Centre, 76 Gregory Boulevard, Hyson Green
Boots, 222-224 Southchurch drive, Clifton,
Boots, Unit A, Riverside Retail Park, Queens Drive,
Boots, Broadmarsh Centre, 40 Lister Gate, City Centre,
Boots, Bilborough medical centre, 48 Bracebridge Drive, Bilborough,
Boots, 1-7 Main Street, Bulwell,
Boots, 72 Ilkeston Road, Radford,
Knights Chemist, Unit 4, 9 Bestwood Park Drive, Rise Park,
Lloyds pharmacy, 113 Sneinton Road, Sneinton,
Lloyds pharmacy, 441a Beechdale Road, Aspley,
Phakey’s Pharmacy, 149 Carlton Road, St. Anns,