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Find out who to contact if you need help, support or information, or if you want to report domestic or sexual abuse.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment services in Nottingham City

Adult treatment for drugs and alcohol


Nottingham Recovery Network at The Wellbeing Hub


Who is the service for?

We are here to support anyone in Nottingham City who may be concerned about their own relationship with drugs and alcohol. We’re here to support those people who know that

something has to change, but who aren’t sure of how to make that change a reality.  We are also here to provide advice and guidance to friends, family members, GPs and other third parties who are

concerned about the wellbeing of somebody else.

How they work?

We provide a single support hub for people wanting help or advice about alcohol and drugs. We’re available on-line, in person, or over the phone.

People can walk in, refer themselves or be referred by other services.

Our expert staff will then:

  • Complete a comprehensive assessment of their needs
  • Support them through appropriate treatment
  • Support them after any treatment(s) to maintain their recovery
  • Offer them opportunities to learn and develop.

Our aim is to guide people through a network of support and treatment opportunities that are right for them.


How to refer: to ask for our help

There are three main ways that people can ask for help or learn more about our work. People can either refer themselves to the service or be referred by a third party such as a doctor or a support worker.


Visitors to our website can ask directly for support in confidence, and will also find links to a range of useful resources. -to-face at our drop in location:

By speaking to us on the phone:

Telephone: 0800 066 5362 or 0115 970 95901

Face-to-face at Nottingham Wellbeing hub, 73 Hounds Gate, Nottingham NG1 6BB

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 9.30am – 4.30pm

Wednesday: 9.30am – 6.00pm and Saturday: 9.30am – 1.00pm


Young People’s Treatment for drugs and alcohol and family support


CGL – Jigsaw

– Who wants to speak to someone about what’s going on in your life?
– Wants to make sure they know enough about drugs and alcohol
– In need of support for yourself because of a someone else’s
substance use?

– Who is worried about someone else’s substance use?
– Who would benefit from support from other people in a similar situation?


We are a specialist support service for young people affected by
drugs or alcohol. We offer provision focused on both preventing
substance misuse as well as providing structured treatment to
support those using more problematically.
Our team of qualified staff also provide information, advice and
consultancy for professionals, families and carers who are
concerned about a young person’s substance use.
Our aim is to provide you with the knowledge, skills and
confidence to identify and appropriately respond to risk
associated to a young person’s substance use.
Our services are free, friendly and confidential. We offer person centered
support that is non-judgmental and suited to meet the
individual needs of all service users.
We welcome all young people no matter what their background,
religion, disability, sexual orientation, culture or gender.


We offer tailored services for young people, families/carers
and professionals, ranging from one-off to longer term
support. To ensure support for young people is coordinated
to meet their range of needs, we provide services in
partnership with health, education and youth justice
– Assessment and care-planning for young people
– 1:1 support and interventions
– Support around related areas such as housing,
education/training, employment and finances
– Groupwork programmes
– Harm reduction advice and information
– 1:1 support for children impacted by parental substance
use. including support for parents and carers
– Community outreach
– Information, advocacy and support for families, carers
and professionals
– Telephone and digital support via social media
If this doesn’t include what you are looking for, please
contact us and we will be happy to discuss how we can help


We are more than happy to discuss any questions or concerns
you may have about someone you care for or are working with,
and their suitability for a referral to the service. You can self refer
or ask a professional to, they can also use our screening tool
which may help you decide whether a referral is the best option.
Please visit for more information.
We do need the young person’s consent in order to accept a
referral so please do discuss this with them in advance and get
their agreement.
Referrals can be made by:
Phone: 0115 9484 314
Once we receive your referral, it will be allocated to a worker
who will make arrangements for an initial meeting with the
young person.

JIGSAW website



Community Needle Exchange


The Health Shop – Specialist needle exchange and sexual health service

From 3 September 2018, The Health Shop on Broad Street will close and all sexual health services will be delivered from The Wellbeing Hub on Hounds Gate

Some of the services provided by The Health Shop at Broad Street will be moving to The Wellbeing Hub on Hounds Gate.

The Wellbeing Hub is located in the City Centre and provides free, confidential support and
advice to people seeking support for mental health, drugs or alcohol use, housing and employment.

A range of different services are accessible at the Wellbeing Hub including Nottingham Recovery Network, Clean Slate, Wellness in Mind, Framework homelessness prevention advice, and Better Working Futures.

The sexual health element of the service will be delivered from The Wellbeing Hub at its Hounds Gate location and on outreach. All of the sexual health services that are currently provided will continue to be delivered, including a full range of Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) testing and treatment, contraception including Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHC) and condom distribution and testing for hepatitis B & C.

The specialist needle exchange element of the service will close at its current Broad Street location but will continue to be delivered as an outreach service. Pharmacy needle exchange will also continue to be available across the City. Foil will be available on outreach and at Nottingham Recovery Network.

Naloxone will continue to be available from The Wellbeing Hub and as part of outreach; we are currently rolling out a pilot making take home naloxone available from pharmacies.
Blood Borne Virus testing and vaccination will be available from The Wellbeing Hub and at outreach locations.

The Health Shop delivers support and advice around chemsex. Specialist advice and support will still be available at Nottingham Recovery Network.

Pharmacy Needle Exchange

Information about locations and opening times of pharmacy needle exchanges can be found here:

Sites contact and opening hours


Homelessness and Rough Sleeping


Framework Street Outreach Team

If you need help or you see someone sleeping rough call Framework Street Outreach Team on:

0800 066 5356. 24 hours a day, every day


 Other services



POW Nottingham is a peer-founded charity supporting individuals involved in or affected by sex work. POW promotes health and dignity by empowering, supporting and educating our clients. POW offers rapid access to our clients and provide a drug treatment clinic on a Thursday afternoon between 2.00pm – 5.00pm, providing treatment, support plans and needle exchange. Clients are able to self-refer to the clinic.


Self Help

Alcoholics Anonymous: 0115 941 7100

Narcotics Anonymous: 0300 999 1212 (10am – midnight)

SMART Recovery: or contact Nottingham recovery Network for local meeting details

Samaritans: 116 123

Talk to Frank: 0300 123 6600

Download the ‘Recovery Portal’ app from the app store or Android store for more information on drug and alcohol services local to you.


Services in Nottinghamshire

For help in Notts (outside of the City)

New Directions Nottinghamshire CGL

This service is open to anyone over the age of 18 living in Nottinghamshire. If you are experiencing issues around drug and/or alcohol use, please contact

0115 896 0798 for more information or to make an appointment.

Domestic & sexual violence

If you need help, contact the local freephone helpline on 0808 800 0340

Nottinghamshire Women’s Aid

Nottinghamshire Women’s Aid Ltd endeavours to empower women and their dependants by sustaining a high level of support within their services to provide a safe environment with ongoing support, advice, counselling and learning opportunities together with emergency refuge accommodation, an outreach service for women, young people and children, a supported housing scheme and a Women’s Centre in order to enable women to effect change in their lives”

Women’s Aid Integrated Services

WAIS is a free, confidential and independent charity working with women and their children who have been affected by domestic abuse. They have over 30 years experience and they are passionate about helping women and their children to stay as safe as possible and to recover from the harm of domestic abuse.


Equation (formerly Nottinghamshire Domestic Violence Forum) is an independent, award-winning charity that brings together a range of voluntary and statutory organisations and individuals to work on tackling issues related to domestic violence throughout Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

Notts Sexual violence Support Services (formerly Rape Crisis)

Notts SVS Services offers counselling and support to women and men who have suffered rape, childhood sexual abuse or sexual harassment.

In an emergency situation, or when life is in danger, call 999.