Drugs and Alcohol

Substance use treatment system updates and news

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Nottingham Recovery Network

From 1st July all new adult drug and alcohol referrals should be directed to Nottingham Recovery Network (NRN)

NRN will deliver a complete and confidential access, advice, support, treatment and recovery service in the heart of Nottingham.

You can simply ring or drop in for advice and an assessment of your needs:

Drop into:

NEMS Platform One Practice, 79a Upper Parliament Street, Nottingham NG1 6LD. Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fris 9.30-5.30pm   Wednedsay 9.30-6.30pm

12 Broad Street, Hockley, Nottingham NG1 3AL. Saturday 9.30am-1pm

Phone 0115 970 9590 or 079205 86524 or 0800 066 5362

For more information or to contact them online, please go to:

www.recoveryinnottingham.co.uk  or www.last-orders.org


For help and support for young people under 18 see the Lifeline Journey Website:


Or contact the National drugs advice service, Talk to Frank:


Explore Family helps to support adults, children, and whole families affected by drug and alcohol misuse in Nottingham:


For information on all drug and alcohol support services in Nottingham City see www.referrersguide.com  This link has been removed until the guide is updated.


Chemsex – Information sheet and where to get help and advice 

chemsexA4-A6 v1


Novel Psychoactive Substances Data Collection System

Little is known nationally or locally about the use of Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS) (incorrectly referred to as Legal Highs). Lifeline Journey, Nottingham City’s Specialist Young People’s Substance Misuse Treatment Service are co-ordinating the collection of data to improve the city’s knowledge and subsequently the response to NPS use. If you have any information, please complete the form and return to lee.kelly@lifeline.org.uk

Bi-weekly NPS and Substance statistics


Substance Misuse Commissioning Review 2015 now available

The aim of the Substance Misuse Commissioning Review is to assess the effectiveness of treatment services commissioned by The Crime & Drugs Partnership in the context of Nottingham and its citizens. The Review aims to identify and make recommendations in response to both arising and enduring issues facing Nottingham’s in treatment population and citizens not yet accessing treatment who could benefit from some level of intervention.

Substance Misuse Commissioning Review 2015


The Recovery Toolkit 2016

The recovery toolkit is a suite of documents used for standard assessment across the substance misuse treatment system in Nottingham City.

The Recovery Toolkit


Young People’s Substance Misuse Evaluation

Commissioners have completed an evaluation on the current need and provision of young people’s substance misuse treatment. This document has informed the creation of the new service specification which is currently out to tender. It can be viewed here:

Young People’s Substance Misuse Treatment Evaluation 2016